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Monday 9h - 17h
Tuesday 9h - 17h
Wenesday 9h - 17h
Thursday 9h - 17h
Friday 9h - 17h
Saturday 9h - 17h
Repair Tools, equipments, household appliances

Repair tools and household goods

  • Tool
  • Household good

Repairs of tools

Bring us your tool. We can give a second life to your equipment :

  • drill,
  • saw,
  • sander,
  • water pump,
  • High-Pressure washer,
  • etc... 


Household electrical appliances

We can repair some electrical equipments such as your domestic appliances :

  • microwave,
  • food processor,
  • iron,
  • pressure cooker,
  • rice cooker,
  • etc...

CENTRAL WORKSHOP is for your listening : bring us your household electrical appliances and your tools.

Repair equipment
Repair tools
Repair home appliances
Repair household electrical goods
Make keys
Duplicate keys

Duplicate key maker

  • Instant key cutting : need for keys copy or to have some spare key made, use our services. Fast copy of your key guaranteed !
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